Twin Falls based company Melni Connectors will be featured on Shark Tank, Friday, April 17th.

What started out as a guy in his garage in 2007 has blossomed into awards, patents, production, and now... a chance at the big time.

Melni Connectors makes these genius electrical connectors that allow you to splice together two wires with no tools required.

Shark Tank provides hopeful entrepreneurs with the possibility of partnership with millionaires and billionaires -- a.k.a. the "Sharks" -- who can help launch a product or service. It's similar to venture capitalism, however, in the Shark Tank, the deals often favor the Sharks since (in theory) the show may provide unknown entrepreneurs a chance at the big time.

There's no guarantee of a partnership, so we'll be cheering on Twin Falls own Melni Connectors on Shark Tank!