Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV ) The three new schools in the Twin Falls School District finally have names. Those names were revealed Monday night at the school district meeting. Rock Creek Elementary School Raptors, Pillar Falls Elementary School Falcons and South Hills Middle School Cougars.

Those are the official names of the three new schools in Twin Falls. Brady Dickinson, Director of Operations, Twin Falls School District. A Citizen Advisory Committee made up of community members and staff then picked their favorite names from over one-hundred submissions.

The top three names for each school were then submitted to the school board for a final decision. South Hills Middle School will be located in southern Twin Falls at the corner of 3600 and Harrison. Pillar Falls Elementary school will be in the eastern part of town at the corner of Stadium and Hankins. Rock Creek Elementary school will be at the corner of Federation and Grandview, on the north side of town.