If you missed this past weekends show featuring 1 Dead Crow and 1 Second Till Forever...Well, what the hells wrong with you?!  Read more for a taste. 

I drove up to Diamondz Bar on 220 West Main Street in Jerome around 8:30PM and the first band (1 Second Till Forever) could already be heard from the packed parking lot across the street.  The bar was packed and the drinks were flowing! Here's a tip, just buy a bucket of beer for $10 and your good for awhile, unless you share.  :-)

Once I got my drink it was onto the dance floor to check out Repeat It Or Delete It band 1 Second Till Forever.  A mix of cool intros, sweet bass lines, and catchy, yet not pretentious tunes.  I give this band three out of four horns!  If you like Breaking Benjamin, you'll like 1 Second Till Forever.

1 Second Till Forever A

The most memorable part of the night was their final song.  I recall the lead singer introducing it.  He mentioned this is a brand new song, so new, it's not yet titled.  This song was my most favorite!  It started with a cool intro, then a beat that I couldn't stop moving too, then intense vocals.  The chorus was set up nicely, nothing too crazy, but just right for my ears.  And that cool ass beat I mentioned that I couldn't stop moving to was throughout the song.

I caught up with the band after the show and asked them about that very song, along with some other tid bits:

There was a very short set change and 1 Dead Crow was up!

1 Dead Crow's Vocalist Tramp

And when I say up, the crowd was up!  As soon as 1 Dead Crow started the dance floor became packed and there was definitely energy in the air.  They started with "Burn" just to get the crowd ready for an intense 15 song set full of spooky, freaky, goblin chasing' good times.  If you have a dark side, you'll love 1 Dead Crow.  I give this band 4 out of 4 horns!

And 1 Dead Crow definitely has a dark side, but the guys in the band also like to have a good time.  Their set list proved it:

1 Dead Crow's Set List

At least they work first, then play.  But their jobs seem like anything but work.  I mean check out this flying V guitar:

1 Dead Crow's Bass Player

The band was nice enough to talk to me before the show:

Tramp, the lead singer of 1 Dead Crow wanted energy and he got it!

All in all, it was a great show from both bands, Diamondz Bar was packed and I didn't get arrested.  It was a great night.  If you have the chance to catch either one of these bands, do it!  You won't be let down.  Even if your not into metal, the sheer energy from the crowd alone you will like.

If you want to hear more from 1 Dead Crow, check out a previous article about the band HERE.

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