Hitting the game-winning shot as the buzzer sounds is what every kid dreams of doing. But for all the glory of a successful last-second bucket, there is also the pain of being on the losing side. It seems odd, almost unfair, that a 48-minute contest should come down to a single shot. But hey, sometimes life -- and sports in particular -- can be just plain unfair, never more so than at the end of a close, hard-fought basketball game.

This year the NBA saw its share of late-game heroics, and the league has collected the season's 10 best buzzer-beating shots in its latest compilation (following the best crossovers and dunks). We've yet to see a heart-stopping finish in this year's playoffs, but everyone knows that they're coming. They always do.

Just hope that it's not your team that comes out on the short end. Because that sucks.

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