Next to soccer, I’ll wager basketball is the most popular game in the world.  Kids can play it anywhere.  You don’t need a massive field and expensive equipment.  You can put up two hoops in a vacant lot and bring out a neighborhood for a skills competition.  The game has been adopted in Asia.  Kim Jong Un is a huge basketball fan.  It’s a game popular on every continent save Antarctica, where it’s a wee bit cold and difficult to get a team together.

It’s a game popular on every continent save Antarctica

My dad used to tell me the last two minutes of a close game were about the most excitement a human being could get as a fan.  In my hometown the sport was king.  We had a coach who had a couple of state titles.  On cold winter nights when there were only three TV channels, the gym would overflow.  So much so that a new and larger gym was built as an addition for a cost of a couple of million dollars.  When a couple of million was real money.

A few weeks ago, I glanced at a story out of the NBA.  A club owner admitted Black Lives Matter was hurting his bottom line, although.  He plans to ride out the storm.

This morning I was going through my daily show prep and found a story about the Utah Jazz.  Our closest big league ballclub of any variety.  A company that played a part in construction of the team’s arena and leased a luxury suite, is backing out.

SME is the name of the firm.  The company spoke to the Washington Free Beacon and the story is also now available at the Blaze, which you can see by clicking here.  Apparently, reaction to the decision is mostly positive.  You get the idea the culture war isn’t coming to an end but just beginning.

My dad had a large flagpole outside the house.  He installed lights to illuminate the flag 24/7.  He was proud of his service with the 3rd Armored Division.  I know where he would’ve stood.  And he would be standing and not on his knees.

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