Idaho sports fans have no choice but to root for out-of-state teams seeing as the Gem State has not a single professional franchise. There's a pretty epic battle going on right now between two of the greatest basketball players in NBA history and both are repping California teams.

Having lived in the Magic Valley for quite some time now, I often see Seahawks, Mariners, and Raiders team apparel being worn by southern Idaho residents. I've also noticed in recent years that many Idaho sports fans are slowly becoming loyal to Las Vegas teams. It makes sense seeing as Sin City is just 490 miles south, but there isn't an NBA team in the city yet.

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Los Angeles Lakers superstar Lebron James has already stated his intentions on bringing a pro team to Las Vegas when he retires, but that could be another two to three years down the road (or more). James and Golden State Warriors shooting phenom Stephen Curry are battling it out in the second round of the Western Conference playoffs, and the reigning champion Warriors are down in the series and have their backs against the wall.

Both players are future Hall of Famers, and both are easily in the top 10 greatest NBA players of all time. Both Curry and James have four championships each. Regardless of how the series turns out, neither one of these superstars can be labeled a loser.

I know many Idaho-born residents aren't willing to admit they root for athletes representing the state of California, but if you had to pick a favorite between the two, would it be James or Curry?

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