Driggs, Idaho is about 3 and a half hours east of Twin Falls. In the grand scheme of things, it isn't far and if you are looking for a fun winter adventure, the 10th Annual Driggs Snowscapes sounds like a lot of fun.

Snowscapes Information

January 17th through January 22nd artists and amateurs get together to create beautiful sculptures entirely out of snow. The four day event is a friendly competition between artists and it is a great way to showcase some really cool art in the Driggs city plaza.

Snow sculptors

If you want to be someone that creates the art, you can still apply to do so. The deadline is December 1st so if you really want to be part of it you better hurry. The link for the application can be found here.

The Public

It is a free event. Just head down to Driggs, mosey on through the city plaza, and check out these snow transformations. The public is also asked to come to help prepare for the event on Friday, January 14th from noon to 5 pm by getting the snow blocks ready. Children also have the opportunity to play and learn how to sculpt with free snow sculpting workshops.

Determining the winner

Again, this is a friendly competition between artists. On January 22nd, everyone is encouraged to go and vote for their favorites. You will be amazed at what some people can create with snow. People are so talented.

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