In southeastern Idaho along the state's border with Wyoming is a trail that many in the hiking community identify as perhaps the Gem State's best. The trailhead leads to stunning waterfalls, a deep, lush valley, and gorgeous views of the Grand Tetons.

The South Darby Trailhead is about a 230-mile drive northeast from Twin Falls and an Idaho adventure that can certainly be pulled off in a day. has ranked it one of the most popular and visually rewarding hikes in the entire state.

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Highway 33 south of Driggs will take you to this magical destination. Beware that the hike is considered dangerous during the colder months due to its sheer cliffs and rocky terrain, which freezes over and can prevent problems for hikers and require special cold weather gear to complete. The months of July, August, and September are ideal times of year to complete the hike. The Darby Wind Cave is also located in this region of southeastern Idaho, and its waterfalls, many floral species, and creeks offer a great deal to admire.

I've traveled through this region of the state returning from a trip to Yellowstone National Park before, and it's every bit as stunning as people say it is. The area is approximately 95 miles south of West Yellowstone, and worth taking a detour east towards the border to explore.

Remember to try to avoid hiking alone, and be sure to tell someone you know where you are headed. Hikers go missing in this area of the state often.

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