The drive from Swan Valley to Victor may be the most breathtaking in Idaho.  Only in Your State has a story about the scenic drive.  I came across this post last weekend.  The writer suggests that when you get to Victor, you continue on to Wyoming.  It will be a great overnight trip.

Short and Spectacular Drive

Swan Valley to Victor takes under a half-hour if you’re not facing any obstructions.  It’s just a little more than 21 miles between the two communities.  Victor is a bit larger.  Both places have phenomenal ice cream stands.  In Swan Valley, you can get a square cone and then drop by the Angus Café for a burger.  Or if you can postpone lunch, then in Victor you can stop at the Emporium for a cone.

Swan Valley is a bit more rustic and offers quiet living.  If you like fishing, it’s a great place to consider for a second home or as a place to retire.  I stopped at the reservoir and talked to fishermen.  Friendly people but then it’s very much stress-free living.

You Can Satisfy Your Tastebuds

Victor isn’t exactly a metropolis, but it does have a busy downtown, and like neighboring Driggs, both communities have great restaurants and a vibrant arts and entertainment culture.  These have become bedroom communities for Jackson.  Or, the people who couldn’t afford a house in Jackson bought a place on this side of the Grand Tetons.

I’ve been planning to make this drive for several weeks but the weekend weather hasn’t been cooperative.  Oh, and the cost of fuel makes me think twice about longer trips away from home.  Even if I don’t cross into Wyoming, Swan Valley to Victor probably requires an overnight.

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