We refuse to lose when it comes to blowing things up in the sky over the Magic Valley. So, it's no surprise that 2 of our local fireworks celebrations have been declared among the best in all of Idaho.

Only In Your State ranked the best 4th of July fireworks celebrations. United We Stand in Rupert was called out as the 2nd best fireworks display, especially for a small town. Twin Falls came in at #7 with its Independence Day 2017 celebration.

In case you're wondering, the fireworks in Rupert this year will actually be fired off on Friday, June 30 put on by Rupert City Fire & Rescue. They have a lot of other activities going on including horse races at the fairgrounds on July 9.

The fireworks in Twin Falls are scheduled to be on display around 10 pm on July 4. As is usual for our fair city, parking can be all kinds of fun. Make sure you're aware of what the Twin Falls fireworks plan is and the parking guidelines that go along with it.

If you're curious about the other 4th of July fireworks displays around Idaho, check out the full Only In Your State list.

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