A national travel website just did a feature on a stretch of roadways that span parts of Oregon and western Idaho. The drives were hailed as some of the most thrilling in the country.

The Hells Canyon Scenic Byway was the focus of the March 17 story by national travel website, Only In Your State. The drive twists and turns its way through sections of southeastern Oregon, and connects at the border of Idaho. The views of the Snake River Canyon along the Idaho stretch of roadway are some of the prettiest you'll see.

Hells Canyon Dam awaits those toward the end of the drive, which Only In Your State described as a "bucket list" type of experience. The majority of the trip, which totals more than 200 miles, lies over the border in Oregon. In 1992, the byway was recognized by the forest service as a designated, national route.

Copperfield, Oregon, is the starting point for those heading northeast on a separate, shorter stretch of roadway, called Hells Canyon Road. Black Point Bluff, in Council, is just one of the spectacular stops on the Idaho side of the river's canyon.

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