It's hard to find original yearbooks from the 1950's. Age is not kind to paper that old in many cases. But, it appears that two Twin Falls yearbooks from that era have just appeared for sale on Ebay.

The first one I located was from the Twin Falls Class of 1958.

Have to love the Homecoming theme of "Thars Gold in Them Thar Hills". (NOTE: their 1958 spelling, not mine)

The second one that appeared was from the Twin Falls High School Class of 1959.

You can see a play entitled "The Night of January 16th" in that one. Everything was spelled correctly, as a bonus.

To give you an idea how long ago this was, 1958 was the year that Elvis was inducted into the Army. Eisenhower was President and Nixon the vice-president. 1958 was also the year the hula-hoop became all the rage. Jeff Foxworthy, Tim Robbins and Sharon Stone were also born that year.

In 1959, Alaska became the 49th state. Plus, NASA announced who the first astronauts would be.

The asking price for these documents of Twin Falls (and American) history are available for a very reasonable price of $24.99 on Ebay. Check out 1958 and 1959 editions, if you want to remember Twin Falls High School from over a half-century ago.

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