Many of us have used eBay to try to sell possessions in the past. When it comes to historical artifacts, eBay's policy is against the sale of these types of relics based on where they were found, but it appears there are many people attempting to hawk these objects anyway.

I love a good treasure hunt. From gold panning to metal detecting, I've gotten my hands dirty partaking in these types of hobbies in the past. I've never unearthed anything of significant value, but it's the hunt that's the most rewarding experience in my mind.

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In past years, I've written about locations in the Gem State where people regularly seek out arrowheads and precious stones. These stories are often met with resentment by Idahoans, and I totally understand why. The pillaging of these types of historical objects is offensive to many, especially when those who gather the artifacts are doing it solely to make money.

I always inform those who read my stories on Idaho treasure-seeking that removing certain artifacts on protected land is illegal and shouldn't be allowed to happen. I'm not encouraging it, but rather pointing out sites that are mentioned in books, podcasts, or online videos as being hotspots for these types of buried objects.

I was on eBay recently and discovered that there are many individuals attempting to sell things like arrowheads found in Idaho even though the practice is against the website's sales policy, according to information found on its restricted actions page. Should these types of sales be policed more closely?

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