In Idaho, we take our belt buckles mighty serious. So, it's no small thing when I tell you that I think I've found the best Twin Falls belt buckle ever on Ebay. Behold.

I don't know who Judge Leo Smith is, but the ole judge has crazy good taste in belt buckles. He's got this prime belt holder listed with the following description:


Custom hand made hand engraved trophy buckle.

For the buckle collector or the avid rodeo fan who wants a buckle of their own.

Beautiful hand made from Rodeo Nickel Silver, Jewlers Bronze and Copper
Hand Engraved

He goes on to mention that these are factory samples that he's been collecting. He also says that it's never been worn, so you would have yourself a practically new specimen of fine belt buckle awesomeness if you buy this beauty.

Ah, yes. But, the buying it part isn't so easy. This kind of belt buckle will cost ya. Be prepared to pony up $185, if this strikes your fancy. I can't say that I'm willing (and definitely not able) to spend $185 on a belt buckle. But, if I were, this is the one I would pick. A finer belt buckle featuring Twin Falls I have yet to find.

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