I'm just going to come out and say what everyone already knows. So far, 2020 has completely sucked the big one, but I must say I had a reason to smile as I headed back from my lunch hour today and saw that red, rectangular wooden shell sitting in the Albertson's parking lot at the "5-Points intersection."

I was discussing last year's Independence Day celebration with a friend of mine the other day. Twin Falls completely went off as far as fireworks in 2019, and in a good way. It felt like there was a competition throughout the city for the top aerial spectacle, and it lasted late into the evening.

With everything that could go wrong on this planet just about coming to fruition this year--we've seen rampant illness, rioting, natural disasters, asteroid near misses,  record unemployment, the postponement of all U.S. sports and the cancellation of Bojack Horseman-- I expect that pent up frustration and forced isolation is going to lead to one of the greatest Forth of July celebrations ever seen.

The "5-Points" firework stand can now be seen in its usual location. Although it's still about two weeks away from showing signs of life, it was like stumbling across a roll of toilet paper on a store shelf last April. I was so happy to see it.

works 1
Greg Jannetta

I say we put on a fireworks show this July for the history books. Scratch that, there probably won't be a need for books in schools very much longer. Let's just celebrate the fact we are alive, and we'll only have 180 days of this godforsaken year left.

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