Greg Jannetta

For some, the sight of flatbed trailers dropping off those red, 5 x 20 foot boxes, might feel like Christmas time approaching. This week, they're popping up all over the Magic Valley, and bringing smiles to faces in the process.

The Forth of July growing up for me trumped every other holiday. It meant neighborhood families getting together to celebrate by barbequing and setting off individual firework displays. It meant parents keeping an eye out for everyone's kids, not just their own, while children interacted with friends from the block. Unfortunately, the tradition of neighborhood firework celebrations was ruined years ago by careless people.

I went to high school 90 miles from Tijuana, Mexico. So, we used to drive across the border to buy bottle rockets and mortars. When I graduated high school and moved to Northern California, Fireworks Planet, in Battle Mountain, was my go-to spot.

My all-time, favorite firework, is an aerial mortar/rocket made by Tommy Gun. It still, to this day, is the loudest sound I've ever heard. Booths will open for business soon, so chose wisely. Remember to not light off fireworks in restricted areas, and make sure your pets are properly taken care of.

Thanks for allowing me to reflect on my favorite holiday growing up. Have a great 4th of July everyone.




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