The year 2022 has seen a significant decrease in reports of unidentified aerial phenomena in Idaho compared to previous ones. However, the Gem State has experienced a noticeable uptick in highly unusual, documented sightings in the past several weeks, including unexplained footage that appears to show multiple large objects raining down above Boise.

The National UFO Reporting Center is arguably the preeminent source in the United States for investigations into unexplained aerial sightings. There have been less than 50 reports filed with the NUFORC in 2022, which is down from previous years. From a streaking metallic-looking object over the mountains of Idaho to what appears to be a fleet of falling aircraft reportedly filmed near the state's capital city, the year is sure ending in a bizarre manner.

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An October 17 report out of Boise documented what the witness said was a craft resembling a minivan in size with neon lights and fireballs. Another published NUFORC November 12 report in northern Idaho describes a "dark triangle with large, round white circles at corners," which was said to have been viewed for a half-minute by the witness. The most recent report was published on December 22 and submitted by a Moscow, Idaho, university student who recorded an unidentified aerial object that hovered a few miles from the city airport.

If you have any footage recently recorded of an unexplained object in the sky above Idaho, you can submit your video to the NUFORC by clicking here.

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