I know it's hard to remember, but there used to be a time before there was the Internet when people actually left their homes to do outside things. With that in mind, there are some newly-discovered Idaho mountain climbing videos that have just been shared.

Richard Baugher is the guy to thank for this. He has 6 videos that he just uploaded to his YouTube channel that feature his mountain climbing adventures on some of Idaho's most iconic peaks. The video at the top of the page dates all the way back to October of 1990.

Subsequent videos chronicle his climbs throughout 1992 and 1993.

One thing to keep in mind is that back in those days, there was no such thing as a phone camera. There were only big and bulky VHS camcorders. Climbing a mountain is enough of a challenge without having to pack one of those bad boys with you.

If you look near the bottom of the videos, you can even see the good ole VHS tape distortion. It's great that Richard has taken the time to digitize these videos so they are preserved.

Richard also narrates many of the videos giving amazing backstory to what you're seeing.

Perhaps this will inspire a few that probably spend too much time on the Internet to go experience what life was like before social media and the web.

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