Some schools around the country are starting to adopt the 4 day school week. Some schools like Buhl, are considering the option as well. There are some interesting pros and cons to kids having school only 4 days per week.

Pros Of Having A 4-Day School Week

It would be easier for families to take shorter vacations. You can squeeze a lot of things in a 3 day weekend

Kids are less likely to get burnt out. Having that extra day off each week gives them time to decompress a little bit more.

Gives teachers more prep time. They, theoretically, shouldn't have to take as much work home. Teachers might still work 5 days a week.

Teachers get less burnt out. A little more decompression time and preparation time for them would be helpful as well.

Attendance usually improves.

There are some financial gains when reducing it to 4 days.

It is beneficial for students involved in extracurricular activities, whether it is athletics or student council. Those things can take a lot of school time, students would miss less school for the extra stuff.

With the school day a little longer, it can be less time they need to find child care before parents get home from work.

Cons Of Having A 4-Day School Week

Parents with younger students are going to need to find child care for an entire day every week.

Sometimes, school is the only place students get their meals. That is an extra day some students may not get fed.

The longer days mean more unrest and can cause students to get tired and check out sooner.

Some families may not be able to accommodate extracurricular activities on those Fridays.

Some places have seen an increase in juvenile crime due to the extra time on their hands and less supervision.

Teachers will have to stay longer at school as well, making them potentially, work more hours than they already do.

It can cause issues with academic performance, especially in underprivileged families. Studies indicate they don't do as well on 4-day weeks.

The Buhl School District is contemplating all these things. I am sure other school districts have as well. Time will only tell if this move would be positive or not.

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