Today all the kids are officially in for the new school year. While some started a few weeks ago and have already felt the pain of the summer's end and accepted it as a reality others are just now feeling those emotions. And that isn't just the kids. Parents can be just as emotional as their children when a new school year starts. This year I saw plenty of tears as I dropped my kids off on the first day. Parents with new kindergartners were crying because their babies are growing up and other kids were crying because they didn't want to go to school. I'm the type of parent who loves back to school time. My kids do well over the summer months with their free time, but the structure that my kids get when they are at school is something that they need. I also need them to be at school for sanity reasons.

So, I fall into the category of parents who are happy when they send their kids off to school. I'm definitely not the parent you'll see crying as they push their kid out of the car (or walk them to the door if they are more nice than I am). I'm also not the nostalgic type of parent who gets a little mushy or excited when the kids go back because it brings back the memories of their school years. I'm not judging here either. I get why some parents cry when sending their kids off and I have great memories of my years in school. I just don't show them like some other parents. How does the back to school season make you feel as a parent?

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