In early October, a family driving a U-Haul trailer from Georgia to Idaho was stopped by police who opened the trailer and found a horrific situation. Inside the closed and unventilated storage area were crates full of cats. The cat crates were stacked among the other household items that the family had packed in for their move. This was a potentially deadly situation for the animals.

Dozens Of Live Cats Found In Family U-Haul Moving Truck

On October 4th, 2021 the Furkids Animal Rescue and Shelter posted on Facebook two pictures showing the cats stuffed in crates in the back of the U-Haul. In all, 41 cats were being hoarded by the family and were taken to the rescue. The family is being prosecuted for the treatment of the animals. In the Facebook post, Furkids say that the cats and family were headed to Iowa but according to an interview with Newsweek, they were heading to Idaho. We understand that some people don't know the difference between our states, it's a pretty common mistake.

What Happened To The U-Haul Cats?

After the cats were rescued by Furkids, they were checked for health and temperament. Since that time many of them have been adopted into new, loving homes. Today they posted pictures of some of the cats with their happy new owners.

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Adopt From Our Local Shelter

Much like the Furkids Shelter in Georgia, our local Twin falls Animal Shelter is dedicated to rescuing and finding homes for cats and dogs. Check their Facebook page for pictures of the adoptable fur babies.

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