A man convicted and sentenced to more than 20 years in 2015 for acts of extreme cruelty against animals might be wandering the street two decades early due to good behavior in prison.

Jason Brown, who was jailed seven years ago and handed down a 28-year prison term for torturing and killing a number of dogs, may get released in the coming days following an April 11 hearing, according to details shared by the Reno Gazette-Journal. The killings were also reportedly videotaped, and shown to a Nevada judge during the 2015 criminal proceedings. The case has been described by some as the worst act of animal cruelty in the state's history.

Further details found on a YouTube site devoted to the crime say Brown was in the company of friends when the acts were committed. Inmates are often released early after displaying good behavior among the prison or jail population. The news of Brown's possible early release has caused public outrage, and has been opposed by numerous animal rights groups.

Nevada Voters for Animals shared details of the crimes in a March 17 post to its Facebook page. They have urged the state parole board to deny an early release, and have referred to the acts as "extremely depraved and violent."

According to Nevada Voters for Animals, Brown mutilated seven dogs in various Reno hotel rooms in 2014. The presence of the videotapes was then brought to the attention of Nevada police. Brown was initially not possible for parole for another couple of years following his 2015 sentencing.

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