When it comes to Memorial Day Weekend, there's nothing more American than eating a hot dog. Just for kicks, I decided to find out who in Twin Falls makes the best. What I found was interesting and a little sad.

Since I am still considered the new kid in town, I turned to reviews on Yelp to find out where the best hot dogs in Twin Falls are. Specifically, I was looking for the top 5. But, I found a big problem. Before I get into that, here are the best places to get hot dogs in Twin Falls according to Yelp.

Here is the problem. Sonora Restaurant is closed. And, that's a crying shame because I hear their mexican hot dogs were to die for. What used to be Sonora Restaurant is now Jarrito's.

Jarrito's, Google Maps Street View
Jarrito's, Google Maps Street View

I have not been to Jarrito's. They may be awesome, too. But, the thought of a mexican hot dog for Memorial Day Weekend would have been great.

Do you agree with this list? Or, do you think the Yelp reviewers are screwed up?

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