With Idaho presently experiencing above average temperatures, many people are heading to spots to cool off. Residents near a northern Idaho lake have the luxury of enjoying a water slide that doesn't require admission prices or lengthy lines.

Years ago when I worked at a radio station near Yosemite National Park, I used to get off work about 2 P.M. and spend the next several hours during the warm months with a couple of friends about a two-mile hike off the local highway. We'd take turns sliding down a natural, granite water slide, that emptied into a swirling, sandy-bottomed, 10-foot or so pool. A  fantastic video I recently stumbled across of an area near Priest Lake reminded me of those days.

Priest Lake is about as far north as one can travel in the state, and is the last large Idaho body of water before you reach the Canadian border. Apparently fishing and boating aren't the only main attractions in the area. A section of water runoff near Lionhead Campground offers a pretty sweet natural water slide, and by the looks of the video, the locals have a great time out there.

The nearly eight-minute video was shared last summer on the YouTube channel of "The Rock Dad." While it's not likely I ever visit the rock slide, those that do live near it have one heck of a unique natural gift to help them pass the hours at on hot summer days.

Looks like a good time "Rock Dad," and thanks for sharing.

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