As you may know, we are having a contest right now that gives you a chance to win cash up to $10,000 dollars by entering code words. So we decided to come up with some crazy ways to spend $10,000 dollars. You know, give you some fun ideas if you win.

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  • 1

    Purchase 92 dozen roses for your special someone

    You can purchase 92 dozen roses, that is 1,104 roses from Idaho Flower Co with that kind of cash. Your special someone will definitely love that for a week right?!

  • 2

    Get tattooed at WarmArt

    You could virtually get your entire body tattooed and some piercings from WarmArt in Downtown Twin Falls, if that is your thing.

  • 3

    Eat over 4,000 ounces of prime rib

    You could purchase 4,102 ounces of prime rib, translating to 256 pounds at Elevation 486. Yum. My stomach hurts just thinking about it.

  • 4

    Get over 5,000 Idaho Russets

    You could get 5,715 Jumbo Idaho Russet potatoes from the Meat and Potato Co. I would pay good money for good Idaho potatoes.

  • 5

    16 years of indoor climbing

    You could purchase 16 years of climbing at Gemstone Climbing Center. That would get you your annual membership and all the perks that come with it.

  • 6

    9 BASE jumping courses

    If you have always wanted to learn to BASE jump but also realize you can't just wing it, you need some training, you could purchase 9 courses. You should be a pro after that.

  • 7

    40 passes to Gordy's Hwy 30 Music Fest

    You could get passes for all 4 days of Gordy's Hwy 30 Music Fest for you and 39 of your friends. 40 tickets for the best music festival in the Magic Valley

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