So Twin Falls, if you won Ozzy's Stash of Cash - TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS what would you buy?  Here are a couple of ideas on how I would spend the grand prize of ten grand!

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Every weekday in November we're giving you two changes to win ONE GRAND just for listening to 98.3 The Snake.  So Win Cash - Ozzy's Stash of Cash!  Or enter the Snake VIP Club to win TEN GRAND!

With Ten Grand, you could fill up your car's gas tank once a week for six years, or take yourself to the movies once a week for ten years, or buy ten round-trip plane tickets to Shanghai.

Here's What I Would Buy With Ten Grand:

  1. This sweet ass microphone: Neumann TLM 103 Anniversary Edition, which costs $1,299.95
  2. Whisper Booth for my home studio so I could broadcast from home, which is about $5,000.
  3. 13-inch MacBook Air with all the bells and whistles, which comes to $1,300.
  4. With the remaining $2,400 I'd start my retirement fund.

Here's What My Husband Would Buy with Ten Grand:

  1. Truck: $6,000
  2. Trailer: $1,000
  3. Cataraft: $3,000
What would you buy with Ten Grand?  Sound off in the comments below.  Seriously, start dreaming...making this list was so much fun!

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