Money might be the root of all evil, but it's also very necessary if you want to buy stuff. If you like stuff, I have awesome news for you. You have multiple ways you could win money here every weekday in November.

First of all, if you listen to us (always a good idea we think), you'll hear a big radio voice tell you to call in at miscellaneous times during the day and be caller 25. If that's you, you'll win $1000.

Plus, you can also enter for your chance at $10,000 that will be given away at the end of November. One nice thing about the registration on the website is you can do it whenever you want. Do it while wearing your pajamas, if you want.

Be sure to check out the contest rules for specifics on how this will work. Don't you love fine print?

It could be well worth your while if you're the proud owner of $1,000 or $10,000. If that ends up being you, don't forget us little people.

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