Let's be honest: if you're sick, you should stay home... but you won't. According to a recent survey, your co-workers really, really want you to stay home.

Not to put too fine a point on this, but your co-workers hate you when you're sick. They'd rather do extra work than be in the same room with you.

A new survey from FemaleFirst, found 90% of people would prefer their sick co-workers stay home than tough it out and come in to work, even though in a lot of cases, that means you'll have to do a little extra work to cover for them.

At the Radio Ranch it's pretty standard to come into work even when we're sick. If we didn't come to work during cold and flu season the radio station would probably shut down. Because we share microphones in the studio, we tend to share germs as well.

I try to save my sick days for when my kids are sick but if I get the full blown flu I turn into a pansy and need my big comfy bed.

The survey also found the eight most annoying things co-workers do when they come in sick:

  1. Not covering their mouth when they cough.
  2. Sniffling. Constantly. All... The... Time...
  3. Wiping their nose on their sleeve (gross).
  4. Sneezing.
  5. Leaving used tissues around.
  6. Letting their nose run without using a tissue.
  7. Blowing their nose. Constantly.
  8. Complain about being sick.

So, do you follow CDC (Centers for Disease Control) guidelines and actually stay home when you're sick, or do you tough it out and go in? Be honest. I know you think you're being tough and taking one for the team, but in reality you're just spreading your germs to all of your co-workers and they hate you for it.

If you're sick, stay home.