Next time someone tries to tell you Idaho is weird, remind them about Llama Wedding 2017.

So yeah, that happened.

Weddings are a beautiful thing, but our good neighbors in Alta, Wyoming are really pushing the limit. When your state is basically nothing but wind and cow manure, it’s easy to understand why the folks are a little odd. I went to a wedding in Wyoming and we had to sit on bales of hay, and that’s about as “Wyoming” as it gets. Well, Keith and Nicole took the Wyoming Wedding shenanigans to the next level.

This bride loves llamas. My favorite part was when someone told the bride, “don’t scream,” and I was honestly hoping one of them would yack. Just kidding, that would be awful. By the way, the llamas are named Lucy and Peggy Sue.

I don’t understand what the big deal is, I’m just happy to see how excited the bride was. Congratulations to Keith and Nicole!

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