I have a question that I think I already know the answer to. I'm going to ask it anyway, because the species of tree growing in our backyard hasn't produced anything in at least the past two years, and I've been told it's a walnut tree.

Do any of you know with absolute certainty that this is a walnut tree? And if so, why doesn't it produce anything? 

We first saw the tree just prior to buying the house in 2019. When we asked the real estate agent about the tree, she didn't know for sure what type of tree it was. According to her, the previous owner wasn't sure either. We have had guests over to our house that have identified it as a walnut tree.

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Amelia J.
Amelia J.

We absolutely love the tree; it's beautiful, and easy to clean up after when the leaves fall in October. It provides great shade, and reminds me of trees I recall seeing on trips to Hawaii. I have noticed that while the leaves look like walnut tree leaves, the trunk doesn't look at all like your average black walnut for instance, and is smooth compared to bark yielding.

We have yet to see a single walnut grow on it. I ask also because when we go to sell, I'd like to give the future owners as much information about the property as I can. I'm obviously no tree expert, but am perplexed as to why if this is a walnut tree, it doesn't produce nuts.

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