I still can not believe that we were able to have the Breaking Bad premiere in Boise thanks to Aaron Paul and Netflix. As they are promoting the film Aaron Paul went on Jimmy Kimmel Live and they talked up Idaho and Boise.

I know everyone says this but this just shows how down to earth this guy is, he is always thinking of giving back to his home state and town. This video not only has the Boise PD, talks about the craziness that is the scavenger hunt, and also residents with Breaking Bad tattoos. It was so cool watching this video knowing they are talking about us.

One of our listeners, Cavan, who won the tickets with us actually was featured on the show for the tattoo of Brian Cranston on his chest, says he plans to get a Jesse one too! If you saw the show at the Egyptian then this video just pieces it all together and is something you were a part of when he's talking about it.

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