One of the most spectacular eclipses in history will pass right over Idaho on August 21 this year. But, not everywhere in Idaho will be ideal to see this special event. If you want to really have the best view, here are the prime Idaho locations where you will want to be.

The eclipse will first enter Idaho near Weiser, but who wants to go to Weiser, right? For us in the Magic Valley, the best eclipse locations will be one of three places:

The least likely place you'll want to end up is Mount Borah, unless you are a great climber. It's a shame because that is almost certainly gonna be the most spectacular place to view the eclipse.

For us regular mortals, the best locations (and most easy to access) will be Rexburg or Idaho Falls. The hard part comes when you try to find a vacancy in either of these cities for August 21.

The total solar eclipse begins around 11:26 am (our time) the morning of August 21. The beauty of this is most of us in the Magic Valley can just road trip to Rexburg without having to leave at a crazy early time. That eliminates the need for dealing with hotel reservations, which are almost non-existent at this point.

The Great American Eclipse website has some great resources if you want to learn about this once-in-a-lifetime event.

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