I had to read this entire article just to understand what makes a restaurant "the most Idaho" place to eat. That's the claim a major website made about one of our eateries. According to them, the "most Idaho" place to eat in our state is in Ketchum.

Only In Your State called out the Pioneer Saloon in Ketchum. The western theme was obviously a huge part in what they consider to be "Idaho". The fact that they have a lot of historical Idaho stuff on the walls doesn't hurt either.

I was doing some digging about how the Pioneer Saloon got started and learned that they first opened in the 1940's as the "Commercial Club". Back in those days, they were a gambling casino, then the American Legion took over.

In the mid-1960's, you could even buy antiques at the Pioneer Saloon, according to their official website. Nice.

There is one family that has owned the Pioneer Saloon for the past 30 years and they deserve credit for keeping the vintage Idaho feel of the restaurant. It's awesome that a national website like Only In Your State has now recognized them.

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