If you've spent any amount of time in Fairfield, Idaho, you know it's a very pretty place. One new home that has just hit the market captures one of the magical things about Fairfield: the beautiful mountains and vast prairie all in one place.

When I first saw this on Zillow last week, it had been listed for less than a day. The address is listed as 33 S 500 W in Fairfield. It's a 3-bed, 2-bath home that won't cost you a fortune.

I should disclose that I'm a HGTV junkie and find myself watching Househunters and Fixer Upper more than is probably healthy.

The house itself isn't super fancy. Nice stainless-steel appliances, etc. But, the one part of this house I like the most is featured in the last picture in the gallery below. It's a small sofa at the end of an enclosed back porch which seems to be there solely to give you a relaxing look at the mountains behind the home.

Check out the full listing for yourself. If you don't mind a Fairfield commute, this might be the quiet Idaho life you're looking for.

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