Maybe the government COULD get a little smaller and COULD abuse us with fewer taxes . . . if only we didn’t love every single thing it does so damn much.

According to a new Harris poll, basically, Americans love every government program, don’t know what we’d ever do without them, and wouldn’t really cut any of them.

Every government program is supported by over HALF of all Americans, except for one program:  Only 38% say they strongly support foreign aid.

Crime prevention and Medicare get 88% support . . . Social Security gets 85% . . . the National Parks get 82% . . . unemployment and environmental programs get 76% . . . Medicaid gets 74% . . . even immigration and naturalization get 56%.

And this wasn’t just a poll of Democrats either.  The poll was split evenly between different political parties.  Of the Republicans surveyed, more than half strongly supported everything except immigration, food stamps, and foreign aid.

60% of Republicans even said they strongly support Medicaid, which is the government-paid health insurance for people with low income.

The people at Harris say these findings are pretty consistent with past polls, and are the eternal catch-22 for lawmakers:  People want less government spending and lower taxes . . . but can’t bring themselves to name anything that deserves to be cut.

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