IDW Publishing and Rovio Entertainment are proud to announce that Angry Birds is getting its own comic line! After millions of piggies have be crushed underneath various forms of debris throughout the land, Red, Chuck, Bomb, Stella, Matilda and King Pig are going to have their explosive stories retold within IDW's infamous comic frames. And based on the promotional art we have seen, we think Red and his squawking squad are going to have some new friends among them. So put the slingshots down for a minute as we let you know all about this upcoming series!

Without a doubt, Angry Birds' success throughout pop culture has been on the rise since the series' inception back in 2009; and it's only growing. Having over 2 billion+ downloads to the franchise's name,  a plethora of merchandise, an animated series and an upcoming Sony Pictures' feature film, Angry Birds is starting to become quite the household name.

IDW Publishing is currently in third place in the comic industry behind the super-heavyweights at Marvel and DC. But doing comic lines for the likes of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Ghostbusters, Transformers, GI Joe, Samurai Jack and My Little Pony shows that IDW is no stranger to backing a franchise that already has a dedicated, preexisting fanbase.

The Angry Birds comic line has some of IDW's top talent behind it, such as Jeff Parker of Thunderbolts fame and the Eisner Award winner Paul Tobin. Be on the lookout for round, flying avian creatures bombarding the green piggies of the comic world when Angry Birds starts hitting shelves this June!

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