One afternoon recently I was talking about mask pollution.  While sharing lunch with a friend.  We walked outside and there was a disposable mask in some shrubbery.  A similar conversation a couple of months before resulted in walking out of a restaurant and seeing masks on the pavement.

Often I believe people accidentally drop them but I’m sure some people walk out of a business and just toss the things.

In a previous post I mentioned the plastic will only break down slowly in lakes, streams and oceans.  It’s a long term hazard and some of the masks will have lives of several hundred years in nature.

Now we’ve got evidence the millions of masks tossed away everyday are harming wildlife.

Now we’ve got evidence the millions of masks tossed away everyday are harming wildlife.  Dutch researchers explain some animals swallow them.  Others get caught in them.  Is this the future the environmentalists want?  We’ve got some people in government who would like to make the wearing of masks permanent.  Same with some in medicine and science.

You can read about the Dutch research by clicking here.

I’m not an environmentalist but for years I drove a car that got 42 miles per gallon on the open road.  As I’ve grown older I had to buy something a bit larger in order to get out after driving.  I’m not driving some oversized SUV or gargantuan truck as liberal caricatures of conservatives would suggest.  Once, I went to observe a rally of granola eaters and they all showed up in Range Rovers or the like.

At home, I cut the plastic wrings that hold together packs of Dr. Pepper.  I do it because animals often get their heads stuck in the rings and choke to death.

So, who would you say is a better steward of the planet?  Guys like me or virtue signalers?  Oh, and I wear a mask when shopping.


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