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I’ve been telling my conservative friends not to underestimate Robert Kennedy.  The Democrat announced his candidacy for President of the United States.  He’s got some very liberal views on environmental issues, however.  Most people vote on what we call pocketbook issues.  Kennedy doesn’t trust the big government and vaccine mandates.  He was opposed to pandemic lockdowns.  He believes your tax dollars need to stay here and not prolong the war in Ukraine.

In other words, he shares some political territory with Donald Trump.  Both men can self-finance when it comes to campaigning.  Both have tremendous name recognition.

Before working as a radio talk show host, I spent 17 years working in news.  I met RFK, Jr. and some of his cousins regularly at various political events.  He was the smartest.  He was more than just a family name.  The two of us are in the picture above from, I believe, 1989.  He’s the fellow speaking.  I’m on the left with a long reach.

Will he resonate in Idaho?  I think he could win his party’s primary, if there’s a primary next year.  I can’t see him getting even close to a Republican in a general election here, but I think he would poll better than Joe Biden and Barack Obama.

He opened up in polling among Democrats at 14 percent.  Far behind Joe Biden today but people are going to be seeing a lot more of Kennedy.  His entry will grow the field and Biden will be pressured to bow out by the party grandees.

On the national level, Trump versus Kennedy would be one for the ages.

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