In a couple of weeks it will officially be two years since President Donald Trump announced his desire to create a new United States military branch. Defending the planet and assisting NASA would be just a couple of duties this branch would be responsible for, and now, the world gets its first look at the official government recruitment video which has just been released.

Wearing a badge on your uniform that signifies you are a defender of Earth is something that most kids dream about. Up to this point, becoming an astronaut has been as close as it gets to that reality. If Congress approves Trump's idea of creating a sixth branch of the United States military, well then that gives starrey-eyed dreamers a whole new way to achieve this goal.

President Trump, in June of 2018, proposed the creation of a Space Force. This group of men and women would monitor the planet's atmosphere for any potential threats, assist our government with satellite maintenance and perform other duties in the sky above the planet. Those who wish to become members of this proposed new military endeavor, can now get a glimpse of the first government advertisement.

After watching this new video, I'm incredibly disappointed George Bush didn't think of this in the eighties. I would abandoned my dreams of becoming a cruise ship bartender and focused my attention upward. It also would have cemented my dating game that much more, because no human being can resist someone who responds to the question, "What kind of work do you do?," with the words, "I'm a Space Force Ranger."

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