It appears Idaho Republicans have issued a sweeping and powerful pro-life statement.  At the just concluded state GOP convention, the delegates approved a platform plank labeling abortion as murder.  In all cases, including abortion related to rape and incest.  The statement says Idaho should defy federal courts on the matter.  It promotes adoption of unwanted children.

There is a call to prohibit abortion based on sex-selection, convenience or as a matter of birth control. 

for a large block of Christians, life remains the most important cause on Election Day

However, adherence to platform isn’t required of candidates for public office.  It does provide a bit of a sticky situation for candidates who’ll be asked if they support the statement.

Some will argue, as they’ve done in the past, that any new and restrictive laws in Idaho will cost taxpayers money.  For the obvious reason liberals will challenge any new pro-life laws in courts.

But here’s the thing.  If you believe it’s a human being from conception onward, why the hesitancy?  If a madman opened a chopping block in a local park and began lopping heads off fellow human beings, what would be our response?  The question is, why are some lives then less valuable than other lives?

We’re starting to see some Republican candidates more prominently display their pro-life credentials but be careful of the message.  Look for any “exceptions” the candidate has and remember, these people are politicians.  Being slippery is part of the game.

While the pro-life issue is just one of many for conservative voters to consider, remember, for a large block of Christians, life remains the most important cause on Election Day.  .

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