Maybe it's just me, but I think humans have become a bit too fixated on grooming their pets. A relative of mine sends her dog to the groomer every Friday for a salon experience that my wife is jealous of, and the topper is a red bow clipped to the animal's head.

I am a huge pet fan. I'm more so a dog lover than a cat person. I've never owned a cat, but we do have an area set up under our deck that provides shelter, food, and a soft bed for one of our neighborhood stray cats, so I'm not heartless when it comes to felines.

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I've always been an old-school dog owner. If my dog is noticeably suffering or showing signs that something is wrong, I head straight to the dog doctor. I'm not, however, one of those pet owners that dress them, push them in a stroller, carry them in a basket to the store, let them ride in the car on my lap, and I certainly don't brush their teeth with designer-flavored toothpaste. They make treats that are supposed to help them battle tooth decay.

I was scrolling Amazon for ideas for Christmas recently when I found myself in the pet product section. I'm apparently out of the specialty pet product loop because I couldn't believe my eyes. They have peanut butter and seafood-flavored toothpaste for dogs and cats now. When did this happen? There are shockingly dozens of different specialty products for our pet's teeth.

I'm very curious to see how many Twin Falls pet owners are actually spending money on these types of products. 

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