Toys are getting stranger and stranger these days, and kids are getting more and more into them. I wonder from time to time if Santa Clause has any idea what some children are talking about when they whisper in his ear at the mall.

Santa Clause is indeed coming to town. Not only will he be visiting malls across the United States in the next couple of weeks, but he'll be departing the North Pole for his big night of house hopping and making kids' dreams come true in about a month.

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These are some Stranger Things times we're living in when it comes to what young children are into in the way of birthday and Christmas wish lists. Growing up, all I wanted was baseball cards and G.I.Joe figures when the holidays hit. Nowadays, it seems like every kid my seven-year-old son attends first grade with are into the same bizarre, pop-culture creations he's obsessed with.

Huggy Wuggy, Siren Head, Bendy, and Five Nights at Freddy's have taken over our children's minds. We can thank a guy named Trevor Henderson for all of this. Some might even blame Walt Disney for the modern pastime tastes of our youth. Lord knows some pretty wicked things materialized in his mind.

I love my kids, and I usually get them what they want on birthdays and for Christmas. I've had to draw the line a few times due to a wish item being just way too dark. YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram have channels devoted to these imaginary creatures that have captivated young kids and likely given Santa Clause a nightmare or two in the process.

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