Idaho is a very unique and often misunderstood state. There are even some people who don't believe Idaho exists. That's why Idaho would be the perfect place for Santa to live. We have the same mythological allure and power of mystery as the North Pole, only better. Plus, if Santa lived here we could help him upgrade his business model and offer a perspective the elves don't have in the North Pole.

What Would Christmas Be Like If Santa Lived In Idaho

The elves are doing a fine job of helping Santa in the North Pole, but if the Big Man lived here in Idaho his game would drastically change for the better.

For example, the elves understand that Santa needs to be able to travel in the snow. That's all they have there. If Santa lived here, we could share our true knowledge of how to travel in the winter whether it's a snow-covered area or dry land, we know how to travel it. We are experts in utilizing big tires, 4-wheel drive, and LED light bars to ensure a safe and well-lit ride. Sure, Santa could still use his reindeer for show, but we'd make sure he was good to go with just the sleigh if necessary.

Idahoans Could Teach Santa's Elves About Real Factory Work

We could also teach those elves a thing or two about factory work. Here in Twin Falls, we have massive factories that run like well-oiled machines without making the workers pull 23-hour shifts every day of the week. Give the elf bosses a tour of Chobani or Clif Bar and their tiny heads would explode.

Christmas Gifts Would Be More Heartfelt And Reasonable If Santa Lived In Idaho

The gifts would also become more reasonable. In Idaho, we are down to Earth people who understand the value of earning what we get and giving to those in need. For all those city kids who ask for elaborate and expensive gifts, but have never even cleaned their own rooms, we'd make sure they got a good gift within the bounds of what they earned.

The Beauty Of Idaho Would Improve Morale Among Santa's Workers

Morale would also be higher among Santa's crew. Just look at Idaho and all of the beauty it has and compare that to the stark landscape of the North Pole. Idaho is clearly an easy win for a better location.

Check Out Pictures of Santa's House in the North Pole

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