Christmas Day is officially very close. Radio stations are already playing the music, and holiday commercials are in high rotation. Soon, Santa Clause will be paying city malls a visit throughout the United States, and Jolly Old Saint Nicholas will likely be carrying a healthy supply of a certain pill in his coat pocket.

If history is any indication, then Santa Clause is due to arrive at malls throughout the Gem State to hear out the gift wishes of southern Idaho children in the next two to three weeks. Visiting malls is no easy task for Santa, and a great deal of preparation goes into the process.

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I have a young son who we've taken to visit Santa at the Magic Valley Mall for the past six years. I spent some time recently looking back at some of the past year's photographs of my child seated on the lap of December's most important delivery driver, and it saddens me to think that my kid will soon outgrow the experience.

The website Mental Floss compiled a list of secrets Santa keeps to himself while visiting families at malls across the country. These are real, private habits that Santa has admitted to doing in preparation for his holiday visits.

Did you know that Santa has a small container of special oil pills he pops regularly while sitting in his chair waiting for children? The oil is mint, and the medicine is sorbitol which helps fight bad breath. It's a well-known industry secret that Santa always has breath mints on him.

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