I got a request recently for a song by Whitesnake, or maybe it was Blackfoot. The caller asked for Whitefoot, to which I said “don’t you mean Blacksnake?” They said “oh yeah, that’s it.” Which got me to thinking which, according to my wife is always dangerous, about band name confusion. I took the thought a step further, and thought about some potential band mergers, and here’s what my warped mind came up with.  I apologize in advance for these.

Blackfoot + Whitesnake = Blacksnake or Whitefoot

Bad Company + Guns N’ Roses = Bad Roses or Guns N’ Company

Quiet Riot + Led Zeppelin = Quiet Zeppelin

Van Halen + The Damned = Van Damned

The Used + The Cars = The Used Cars

Yes + No Doubt = Yes Doubt

Hot Tuna + Iron Maiden = Hot Maiden

Cheap Trick + The Cardigans = Cheap Cardigans

Canned Heat + Butthole Surfers= Canned Buttholes

Blue Oyster Cult + Blind Melon = Blue Oyster Melon Cult

Black Sabbath + Black Label Society + Black Oak Arkansas + Black Eyed Peas + Black Crowes = Black Oak Pea Labeled Arkansas Sabbath Crowe Society

Black Flag + Blackfoot = Flagfoot

The Doors + Foghat  = Doorhat

I could go on, but why?

Can you think of any?

Oh, by the way, you are allowed to cross genres.

BY Chris Kai

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