For those that find the nightlife in Twin Falls to be sorely lacking in entertainment, I have an idea. What if Twin Falls City Park held barbed wire, slap fighting on Friday nights to kick the weekend off?

Slap fighting is a competitive match between two individuals where the goal is to knock the bejesus out of the opponent with an open-handed haymaker to the cheek. I'm not sure why, but the "sport" has gained popularity in the past five years or so. The Internet is full of videos dedicated to this foolishness.

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It takes a special sort of human to participate in a slap fight. And by special sort, I mean slightly off-kilter. Not only is this an extremely dangerous way to win a few bucks or some hillbilly street credit, but it's awfully uncomfortable to watch.

One of the ways these fight organizers are ramping these contests up is by adding barbed wire to rings, which presents its own set of problems. I'm not sure I trust a highly inebriated, overweight, shirtless man to catch me if a monster slap to the side of my jaw sends me reeling backward.

Potential host sites in Twin Falls for Friday night slap fights could also be the Canyon Crest Event Center, the College of Southern Idaho, or the Ground Round. These venues might be required to obtain a special type of insurance to host these events due to the high likelihood of brain damage, both before and after the matches.

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