When many people think of witches, they think of women dancing naked around fires and tieing stick figures to tree limbs. Whether we're talking about a coven-less worshipper of Wicca or some paganistic discipline or an individual who takes part in a practicing group steeped in a religion other people find to be simply folklore, those who identify as witches take their lifestyle very seriously.

I don't believe I've ever met someone who identifies as a witch. There are an estimated 1.5 million people in the country that practice witchcraft, according to audacy.com. From what I have studied about those who identify as witches, I share many of the same beliefs they do. I value nature, and detest those who pollute and abuse it. I'm also not very trusting of politicians and am sickened by the amount of greed shown by many  American corporations and the influence and effects they have on our planet.

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It's my opinion that if satanic temples are allowed to operate in the United States, then let a witch be a witch (not that I'm comparing the two) as long as these practices aren't illegally recruiting or aggressively forcing doctrines on young, vulnerable Americans. This country is amazing due to the simple fact that we have so many freedoms we enjoy. It's been reported that the study of witchcraft is on the rise in the United States.

A recent study on the best U.S. cities to be a witch identified several in California, Oregon, Washington, and Nevada, but Idaho appears to have been completely left off the list, according to lawnlove.com. What this means exactly, I'm not sure. I guess if you're going to practice witchcraft, the West Coast might be more welcoming.

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