A Vermont BASE jumper who recently traveled to Twin Falls to attempt to set a jump / hike world record combination is back home awaiting confirmation.

Nicole Senecal, 37, of Burlington, Vermont, recently finished a 40-hour drive back home after attempting to set a world record in Twin Falls. On October 23, Senecal and her team began a Guinness Book of World Records effort that included 37 jumps from the Perrine Bridge in 12 hours. In order to successfully achieve the feat, Senecal also needed to personally hike the 486 feet back to the bridge between jumps.

Her first leap was at 8:02 AM that day. She stood on the platform of the Perrine Bridge, jumped, and began her final descent above the waters of the Snake River at 7:48 PM. In total, she covered nearly 18,000 vertical feet. She shattered the minimum jump requirement of 28 by successfully landing nine additional ones.

"I was just filled with gratitude for my entire team," said Senecal. "They are the ones that kept me fueled, fed and driven. I couldn't believe what we had accomplished. I couldn't have done it without them."

Along with her team, she had a photographer friend archive the day's efforts. In total, Luanne Horting, who took pictures from both sides of the Snake River Canyon, snapped over 1,100 images.

nicole jump 1 duo
Luanne Horting

Senecal is back home, where she awaits record confirmation. She owns a real estate brokerage and development business in Burlington.

"We've submitted all the evidence, said Senecal. "I'm hoping to hear from them next week."

Senecal is heading to Florida in mid-November to embark on her next adventure. She will attempt a state, head-down, vertical skydiving record at that time. She also has a trip to Moab planned later in the year as well.

We want to congratulate Nicole, and her entire team, for this truly incredible attempt to set a new world record. We wish her the best of luck with her next adventure.

2020 Twin Falls World Record Attempt

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