A global pandemic apparently isn't enough to stop the world from enjoying the beauty and activity options around Twin Falls. COVID-19 couldn't get everyone to wear a mask and it couldn't stop people from posting their awesome pictures on social media.

Of course there are a good amount of pictures of the Shoshone Falls. Some people like to focus on the science of the waterfall but even without the 'facts' the Shoshone Falls are still amazing.

Visit Idaho posted one of the coolest pictures with a half underwater shot of people enjoying the river.

The BASE jumping crowd was still very active over the last few months.

This year was the first year we visited the Perrine Coulee Falls as a family. Other people also took in the easy to-get-to waterfall.

The Twin Falls Library didn't actually post a picture of the area, but their post about reading was pretty spot on for many in the Magic Valley during the pandemic.

Even the week of terribly smoky air in Southern Idaho wasn't enough to keep people in their houses. The smoke also didn't ruin the scenery for some people.

On Instagram I came across what might be the funniest pic. Whether you are a Trump fan or not, I think you can appreciate this lady's devotion.

Not all things 'Twin Falls' happened in Twin Falls. We have been represented in sports across the nation too.

Seniors at Canyon Ridge gave us a little perspective about the start to the new school year. Even with masks, life goes on and seniors will rule the school.

This guy apparently travels around with his heavy weights and does dead lifts in random places. He carried his weights to the rim of the Snake River Canyon for this experience.

The color in this picture screams the season Fall even though it was posted in the summer.

Pillar Falls was a pretty popular destination this summer and this guy got a great visual of the water upstream.

Did you post something amazing on social media this summer? Or did you keep it chill and post shots of you at home? Share your pictures and links in the comments below.

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