The month of April was kind of a game changer month for the area. We started getting more nice days which meant more people outdoors on adventures and sharing their fun on social media. After scouring social media for mentions of Twin Falls, I compiled some of the best of what happened this month.

In April we got a visit from a world famous competitive food eater as she took on local food challenges and visited local businesses and locations.

Drone video of the Shoshone Falls is always a welcome sight. It's nice to see how the flow is right now...from the comfort of our homes.

This user celebrated Earth Day 2021 with a visit to the Shoshone Falls.

Another staple to spring in Twin Falls - the BASE jumpers come out of hibernation and post awesome (and sometimes terrifying) videos.

This guy documented a very special day as he prepped to propose to his girlfriend while looking over the Snake River Canyon.

I actually want to kayak (I don't paddleboard) to near the base of the Shoshone Falls. If I do, I'll make sure it is on a day with no wind.

Epic birthday bash for a special 8 year-old kid in Twin Falls. All he really wanted was to have kids to play with at his party and that's exactly what happened.

This is just adorable. This couple took a moment to kiss under the Perrine Coulee Falls.

This is a cheat since it isn't from this month - but it might be the coolest drone video of a BASE jump I have ever seen.

This view of the underside of the Perrine Bridge is awesome. It looks like those infinity mirrors.

If you want us to share one of your pictures or adventure, make sure you tag your social media posts with #TwinFalls so we can catch them.

Perrin Coulee Falls

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